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Warranties and the Magnuson-Moss Act

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Does extending oil change intervals void car warranties? No. Automakers warrant cars against failures or malfunctions due to manufacturing defects for a period defined by time or mileage. No maintenance practice such as extending drain intervals, can render the warranty null and void.

When a failure or malfunction occurs, the car dealer or a representative of the car maker will examine the failed or malfunctioning part to determine the cause of failure or malfunction. If an indisputable cause-and-effect relationship between the failure and the length of the oil drain intervals cannot be established, then the length of the oil drain intervals is immaterial to the warranty claim and the claim may not be refused on the basis of extended oil drain intervals.

in fact, when AMSOIL Dealers notify AMSOIL INC. that car dealers or other businesses are misinforming their customers about warranty issues surrounding synthetic oils and extended drain intervals, The following is a sample letter sent by Technical Services to automobile dealerships or business when they say using AMSOIL will void the manufacturers' warranty:

It has come to our attention that you (or employees name) have been informing our mutual customers that the use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil or the practice of extending oil drain intervals, voids manufacturers warranty. Neither clam is true. Please review the following facts about synthetic motor oil and put an end to these false statements.

Synthetic motor oil was introduced to the automotive public in 1972 by AMSOIL INC., with its introduction of the world's first API (American Petroleum Institute) rated synthetic motor oil. Since then every major oil manufacturer has followed AMSOIL's lead and has introduced synthetic motor oils of their own. The performance benefits are indisputable, as evidenced by the fact that every jet engine in the world today uses only synthetic oil.

Vehicles manufactures recommend lubricants according to their viscosity grade and service classification. Any oil, whether it's conventional petroleum motor oil or synthetic, meeting the correct viscosity grade (5W-30 for example) and the current Northern American service classifications, may be used without affecting warranty coverage. In fact, synthetic oils labeled with the most current service specifications are not only recommended, but in many applications, actually required.

Furthermore, the practice of extending oil drain intervals does not void warranties. Original equipment manufactures pay or deny warranty claims based on the findings of failure analysis. To affect the vehicle warranty, the lubricant must be directly responsible for the failure. If the oil didn't cause the problem the warranty cannot be void, regardless of the brand or length of time in use.

Note also that a warranty cannot be voided by verbal instruction only. If voided, it must be done in writing, stating the specific reason.

The fact is AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils exceed the most demanding worldwide performance standards, including the API SL and ILSAC GF-3 North American standards, and meet all original equipment manufacture warranty requirements. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are specifically formulated for long drain service and provide superior performance and protection to that provided by conventional motor oils. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils may be recommended and installed with complete confidence and at no risk to warranty coverage.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and anticipate there will be no further intimidation of our customers by your insuring no one implies or states that the use of AMSOIL products will void vehicle warranties. Thank you.

Customer Service Division

cc: Legal Department

To flatly inform the customer that the use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil voids their vehicle warranty is not true. It is not supported by OEMs and damages AMSOIL INC.

Why are AMSOIL synthetic motor oils good for extended drain intervals?

It's all in the formulation. Because AMSOIL is made with synthetic basestocks, it resists thermal and oxidative breakdown, which suits it for extended drain use. AMSOIL pairs top-quality long-life synthetic basestocks with top-quality long-life additives. The fact is, other oil companies don't use the quality additives AMSOIL uses because it simply doesn't pay to pair long-life additives with short-lived conventional basestocks.

Carefully controlled demonstrations conducted jointly between AMSOIL and various car fleets have proven the safety and effectiveness of the 25,000 mile AMSOIL drain interval. In fact, many entities with which AMSOIL has conducted demonstrations have used the oil for significantly longer drain intervals and still been rewarded with lower rates of engine wear than they were with conventional lubricants and conventional oil drain intervals.

Remember -- AMSOIL synthetic lubricants may be used for extended drain intervals, but they don't have to be.